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Meet our family

Meet team H.Dayus, in particular Gina Saunders at the front who is the daughter of Henry Dayus the man that brought the passion of meat to an entire family.  In 1952, Henry purchased the butchers shop, G A Lewis, where he worked. In fact, hundreds of years before that 9 St. Johns was built specifically as a butchers and its tradition still oozes out of the walls. The shop has remained in the family ever since his passing and Gina, her son Tristan and husband Craig have kept his talents and love for the trade alive and thriving. Everyone involved in the business is part of the family. We are now successfully mixing the blend of tradition, family values and modern day life to make a butchers that has heart in all that it does. 


We pride ourselves on remaining true to our values 'local, traceable and sustainable'. We carefully select our partners and suppliers to ensure they share the same passion and beliefs. We make every effort to reduce our footprint and support other local family businesses as we love nothing more than telling you all about where our meat has come from and how it has been reared. We sell direct to our customers, provide wholesale to restaurants and cater for any sort of event large or small. We can't wait to serve you and look forward to you enjoying the Dayus Experience.

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We look forward to meeting you

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Hi! Call me Tris.

Third generation Dayus butcher, the founder was my grandad and I’ve carried on his love of butchery since I was 17 years old. A few awards under my belt, I class myself as a bit of a master in my trade, especially when it comes to making sausages. You won’t find many who love meat as much as me!

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Hi, I'm Craig.

Husband to Gina and son in law to Henry Dayus. I have a real love and flair for cooking, coupled with my passion for butchery, I'm always on hand to offer advice on making the most of different cuts of meat ready for your dinner table or bbq.

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Hello! I'm Gina.

Henry Dayus was my dad! I wanted to make sure his legacy lived on. You don’t tend to see much of me in the shop but I am behind the scenes busily making all the pies and pastries by hand and keeping those chaps in order !