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Cattle in Pasture

It's important to us and the quality of what we supply that we keep true to 'Local, Traceable and Sustainable'. It's also important to us how the animals have been treated, fed and reared. Just because we are a butcher doesn't meant we don't care for animal welfare so we specifically choose who we work with to bring you the best ethical produce. All of our meat is free range, from local farmers and reared on natural mass acre land and foliage. In the interests of being completely 'traceable', we'd love you to meet our key partners and really understand the class of what you are buying. We work with some amazing people running amazing local businesses.

Meet our Farmers

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Clare and Hywel John are owners of Rowley Farm which is a small-herd farm nestled within the beautiful Worcestershire countryside at Holt Heath, a mere 6 miles from our doorstep here in St John’s. The farm is surrounded by 50 acres of grass and woodland which provides the perfect environment for raising their exclusive herd of Hereford and Short-horn cattle - and their lovely daughters.

Clare and Hywel both have an impressive farming background going back three generations. Hywel was raised in Carmarthenshire and was introduced to his family’s farm aged 14, helping out raising the families suckler herd. Clare was brought up in Upper Sapey on her fathers farm where he still actively raises cattle and lambs today aged 81.

Their succulent lamb and dry aged beef is at the heart of our shop and some of the amazing produce that makes it on to your dinner plate. You just have to taste! 

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Julian Swift, with his wife Rachael, own and run Grove Court a mixed livestock Farm over 150 acres in Suckley, Worcestershire. A mere 9 miles from our shop, we were blown away by their passion and approach to what they do. ‘The breed the feed and the life they lead’ is their working ethos and you can see that in the health and welfare of their animals.  


Julian and his wife Rachael graduated from Harper Adams Agricultural college and have been based in the 3 counties for 20 years producing meat from minority breeds. They share our commitment to reducing food miles and using sustainable approaches. Both come from family farming backgrounds that have been supplying both meat and milk to consumers for over 100 years.


They are supplying our free range Pork. Grove Court Farm prides itself on rearing minority breeds based around the Hampshire Olde English Hog. They are one of very few farmers with the British Pigs Association who have registered pure bred pigs.


The pigs enjoy roaming many acres of wooded scrub areas with plums, crab apples, acorns, and hawthorn berries  and can graze on pasture and feed that is sourced locally and supplemented with potatoes, fodder beet,  apples, strawberries, blueberries plus other vegetables. In the winter, they remain comfortable in a straw based barn.