One of the joys of being a butcher is seeing how you turn our meat into something magical....

Updated: May 11, 2020

You enjoy experimenting with all sorts of ingredients and turning a simple piece of quality meat into mouth watering recipes (well most of the time anyway! We all have to learn through plenty of errors!)

We'll be sharing all sorts of cooking tips and recipe ideas over the coming months. Craig will be sharing his love of cooking and helping you turn ordinary meals into extraordinary feasts. As we start putting those together, check out one of amazing customers, friend and partner who has been sharing his creations on social media using the meat he has sourced from specifically H. Dayus. The Pork Peddler really has got some fab ideas like his scallops, apple mung bean dal and onion bhaji!

Join the new trend and tag us into any of your social media posts sharing your mealtime creations #dayusdailydinners just like the Pork Peddler.

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