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Merry Christmas Dayus Dining e-Voucher

Merry Christmas Dayus Dining e-Voucher

Great Christmas present idea. Give those meat lovers a real treat to get their favourites this Christmas.
You pick the value and your chosen recipient gets to spend it on whatever H. Dayus products they want in store or online. All at the simple click of a button. Thanks to you they could have some meaty treats on their way
All you need to do is:

	Select the value you wish to spend
	Provide the recipient information including

	YOUR email address.

        Any message you would like to give THE RECIPIENT

	Add the e-voucher to your basket

	Pay online

We will then:

	Send the selected e-voucher and promo code to YOU by the 24th December.
You can then print or forward the e-voucher to your recipient, ready for Christmas Day.

The recipient will:

	Get all the instructions they need to use their e-voucher
	Shop online and add the ‘one time use’ promo code at checkout
	Shop in store, on social media or over the phone by quoting the promo code
	Receive their order thanks to you!
  • Voucher T&C's

    • The full value of the voucher has to be used in one purchase
    • Change will not be issued or the balance transferred to a future purchase
    • The voucher cannot be exchanged for cash
    • The promo code is linked to the recipient so must not be passed on to anyone else
    • Any orders placed misusing the promo code will automatically be cancelled and any additional amounts spent NOT refunded
    • A refund will not be issued for a cancelled order after the email/text has been sent
    • The recipient can spend more than the promo code and pay the balance
    • The voucher applies to any products available with H.Dayus The Master Butcher
    • Once used, the voucher will expire and the promo code no longer valid for future purchases
    • Our normal delivery or collection rules apply