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Since we opened our doors in 1952, H.Dayus has become the provider of local, traceable and sustainable meats for both families and restaurants in Worcester city and immediate surrounding areas. Our Catering has been at the heart of many amazing family get togethers, some inspirational business events and loads of exciting festivals.

Check us out to see why there’s been so much buzz about our thriving Butchery. We offer a large variety of top-quality, fresh, local products that will have you coming back for more. Our footprint is never more than 20 miles and we have the first Dry Ager showcasing the best Beef in Worcester.


Our ‘legendary’ 6oz Herefordshire dry aged rib cap burgers.

These classic burgers are made from 5 week dry aged beef foreribs.


"Without doubt, the ribcap burgers are the absolute best! Haven’t tasted a burger like them!"

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The Dry Ager


It’s here! A very first for Worcester City. Our dedicated Dry Ager will be taking Beef to a whole new level. It allows us to create the perfect climate for ageing beef for up to 100 days with temperature and humidity levels, a sophisticated UV sterilisation system and the use of Himalayan Salt Blocks.

Here at H. Dayus the provenance and quality of our Beef has always been a priority. In a world where you as the customer demands a high quality product, its our aim to provide it for you

Beef can’t get any better than this!

Local. Traceable. sustainable

Unrivaled Quality

It’s important to us and the quality of what we supply that we keep true to ‘Local, Traceable and Sustainable’. It’s also important to us how the animals have been treated, fed and reared. Just because we are a butcher doesn’t meant we don’t care for animal welfare so we specifically choose who we work with to bring you the best ethical produce. All of our meat is free range, from local farmers and reared on natural mass acre land and foliage. In the interests of being completely ‘traceable’, we’d love you to meet our key partners and really understand the class of what you are buying. We work with some amazing people running amazing local businesses.

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"No meal is complete without H. Dayus. It's the best meat you will ever taste"

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